Welcome to the

Altenhof Treetop Adventure Park

Our outdoor Treetop Adventure Park is set in a beautiful beechtree woods just a few hundred metres away from the beach of Eckernförde Bay.
Simply everyone can craft their very own special treetop adventure along steel cables, clambering over and through all manner of obstacles, zooming along zip-lines and even slaloming on a snowboard!


The Treetop Adventure Park has a total of 12 climbing parcours of differing height and level of difficulty (ranging from a few feet off the ground right up to the highest and most difficult at 25 metres).


Each guest can set his or her own pace and enjoy the thrill and fun of the Treetop Adventure Park as they so wish.

We offer a comprehensive variety of co-operational-based learning activities of particular use for events such as: company trainings, incentives, „Kick Off Events“ to help motivate and inform colleagues about new projects within the company or department as well as team trainings for classmates from schools and colleges, team or club members and children and young people on child and youth-related social projects. You can either come visit us here at the Treetop Adventure Park, we can come to you or we can meet somewhere in between. Like the beach perhaps. Or in a hotel conference room. The choice is yours.

The Altenhof Treetop Adventure Park offers you a fun and challenging activity.

This section provides you with information regarding our opening times and prices.

Our daily opening times are displayed on this homepage or you can call us directly on 0049 (0) 4351 667333