Safe climbing in times of Corona

Dear climbing guests, dear holidaymakers and those who stayed at home.

In order to provide you with a safe and relaxed climbing experience, we have made some important changes for you:

  • Until further notice, we will be working with online reservations, as this will allow us to better regulate the flow of visitors. The link to the reservation system you will find below.
  • Every guest must bring a mouth guard (scarf, cloth, mask). You will only need the mouthguard if the minimum distance cannot be kept (for example when being helped by our staff).
  • Climbing gloves are recommended (preferably made of fabric or leather), otherwise please disinfect your hands regularly. We sell gloves and face masks for 1,50€/piece.
  • Only the active climbers need a ticket. Accompanying persons on the ground (grandparents, parents, etc.) are welcome, but currently please max. 2 accompanying persons/climbers.
  • Please observe the rules of conduct on site, especially the distance rules and the path guidance in the forest. There are plenty of disinfectant dispensers available. The distance rules must be observed on your own responsibility, as we cannot recognise who belongs together. Despite the booking system, there may always be waiting times at the ticket office – we ask for your understanding.
  • Persons under the age of 18 (who appear unaccompanied) require a signed declaration of consent from their parents.