Our primary concern is the safety of our visitors.

As such, all participants will be provided with climbing equipment consisting of a safety helmet, climbing harness and safety hooks. Participants will also receive a briefing from our staff on how to safely enjoy the experience. Participants are permitted to climb only after this safety briefing has been carried out.

Our trained staff are positioned throughout the Treetop Adventure Park to provide assistance on request and where necessary.

Safety System: As an alternative to our self-securing climbing equipment, we also offer a permanently secure one (Clic-It). This equipment ensures that climbers have absolutely no chance of inadvertently untethering themselves whilst climbing through the Treetop Adventure Park.

For visitors to The Treetop Adventure Park who come with children, youth groups and schools, this system offers the possibility of a stress-free climbing experience. The Treetop Adventure Park is certified by the European Rope Climbing Association (ERCA) and is regularly inspected by qualified personnel and maintained by our Safety Officer, Ulyana Ludwig.

We kindly ask all those wishing to climb to wear appropriate clothing and adequate footwear. We reserve the right to close the Treetop Adventure Park in the event of heavy rain or storms in order to ensure the safety of our visitors.


All guests are kindly reminded to respect the rules and conditions of use of equipment supplied by the Treetop Adventure Park.